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Hubris: A Two Picture Tale

Bill-and-Benjy_photo-credit-Aimee-KreutzmannThe problem with hanging out with rock stars is that you start to think you’re one, too.

billy benjy stroking
This will not end well.


  1. You’re not a brony.

  2. It really is striking. The shades, the hat, the well fitted leather jacket. the watch that he bought himself as a special treat. Enjoy it while you can, Benjy. We’re all pullin’ for ya.

    • That second picture is the first time I’ve seen him in an outfit that was different than the one in the first picture.

      Also, met him in person. Can confirm that no matter how douchey you think he is, it’s actually an order of magnitude higher than that.

      • We need details.

      • It was at the Dead-realted conference last year. Billy did a trial run book Q&A in front of the easiest possible audience (seriously—all he had to do was stay alive, and even then, people would have been thrilled just to have *been there*, man). BE fully addressed his qualifications as a writer by telling a bunch of stories about taking drugs with Billy. I am convinced he kidnapped Billy and force-fed (well, “force-fed”) him drugs until Stockholm Syndrome kicked in and Billy made him ghost writer/manager/hat-and-watch-picker-outer.

        I talked with him afterwords. I got the distinct impression that he found all of us beneath him, but since we were the target market for the book, he had to be around us. He strikes me as the sort of Enthusiast that if you played him your favorite recording, he could not differentiate certain subtleties like what guitar Garcia was playing on/who was currently dying on the keyboard bench/how many drummers there were/if it was actually John Mayer playing lead guitar. He was, incidentally, wearing the same clothes you’ll find pictured above.

        At the risk of a libel suite: BE’s that kid who was always too cool for school but was never about anything more interesting than getting high off daddy’s money and going to see the Disco Biscuits. He’s that kid that makes you keep an eye on your female friends when they go to the bathroom because, well, you’ve all seen the pictures at this point. I continued in this vein for but it was getting pretty upsetting even for the internet and I need to go use mouthwash to get the sleaze out of my mouth for even thinking about him this long.

    • Truth. When you’re drooped by a Dead, you fall HARD.

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