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Hugging, Choogling, Bowling

Those are two lucky men.

This shot was from the Brooklyn Bowl the other day, but Phil and his Phriends are back where they belong in Marin County; tonight your pal Reddy Kilowatt is playing with Stu Allen and everyone’s new favorite person Holly Bowling (who really should get herself a band already). Check it out at Radio Busterdog.


  1. Heinie lite.
    Dem shoes tho.

  2. Holly was in columbus last week, 80 miles away from me.

    She was playing at a bar.

    I really wanted to see her… while sitting down, between 9 and midnight, not while standing between 11 and 2 AM.

    I hope she moves up to concert halls soon, bars are for young people.

    Curmudgeonly yours,

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