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I Am Become Dead, Destroyer Of Hotels

Here’s a lovely and ferocious soundtrack for your afternoon: 12/28/79 from the Oakland Auditorium. This was released as one of the Road Trips, but a new Charlie Miller version popped up on the boards and the Archive the other day; this is a hell of a show.

Second set is beyond good: it’s like suddenly gaining the ability to put your mouth on Emma Stone’s butt and a pretzel dog at the same time. (A pretzel dog is a hot dog in a bun made of pretzeled bread and it may or may not taste better than Emma Stone’s butt depending on how long it has been since said butt was laundered.)

Also, after hearing Phil play It’s All Over Now, Robert Oppenheimer started quoting the Bhagavad-Gita at people.


  1. That’s the best All Over Now I’ve ever heard. That earth-shattering KABOOM

    Not sure why we need a new Miller cassette master source for what, a couple missing tunes? The RT is sourced from Betty reels, the last she ever made, and is definitively superior to this fileset. Nice to have the Getaway > GSET, though?

    Weir straight up ruins the otherwise excellent Sugaree with a slide assault on his frets

  2. And the Sugaree is allowed to breathe and become self-actualized.

  3. Thanks for this one. I was in attendance that evening….. Loved that venue…

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