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I Can’t Complain

This was the Day on the Green in ’76–well, one of the two days–and Garcia looks skinny, and though you can’t see it in this picture Bobby is wearing either jodhpurs or puttees. Some form of non-trouser pant.

But this is what Roger Daltrey looked like:

“What’s the matter, Weir? You’ve been pouting all day?”

“Well, Jer: you know how I’m usually the best-looking guy in the room?”


“You see Daltrey?”

“Healthy specimen.”

“That’s what I’m saying.”

“It’s just two shows, Weir. Next week you’ll be competing with Billy and Phil again.”

“I guess.”

“Aw. C’mon, buddy. He ain’t that great.”


“I’m not generally one to look at another guy’s crotch, but where’s his potato salad?”

“I see none.”

“Like a Ken doll.”

“You always know what to say, Garcia.”

“You’re my guy, Bob.”

“Can I take my shirt off for our set, too?”

“I will whip you to death with my guitar cord if you remove your shirt, Bob.”


“We’re not that kind of group.”

“We could be.”

“No, we couldn’t. Besides, if you take your shirt off, Billy’ll take his off.”

“That’s no good for anyone.”



  1. This. This is the shizzle dizzle.

  2. Well can I just wear my cutoffs then?

    Yeah sure. When Reagan is president and we have a hit song. Haw haw.

  3. Legend has it that for the Who set on the second day (Oct 10 ’76), a shirtless Garcia danced with all the other backstage hippies in the left field bleachers. Really, that’s the story. No photos have surfaced.

  4. Never seen a pair of jeans with that many slanted (empty?) front pockets.

    • Luther Von Baconson

      January 8, 2017 at 3:29 pm

      had a few English, Irish, and Scottish friends growing up in the ’70s. they loved jeans like that. that and sweater vests with ducks on them.

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