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I Doth Protest, I Doth

I’d liveblog the Republican debate for you, but A, I don’t wanna; and B, I can’t bear to.

This is the best we can do?


  1. I doth protest. You got ads on here now?

  2. Should have watched, and live blogged, it was wonderful.

    Here is a setlist.

    First set:
    God>>Reagan, Mexicans>> walls, security, tithing, military as denizens of transgenderism, Bo Bergdahl, Putin>>Beheadings, comparisons to the medieval, “trust but verify” , Iranian hostages, B52 shortages>> general plane shortage>>B52 shortages

    Second set:
    See first set


    “Did God tell you anything that you would like to share with the audience”


    It was so awesome to get some old testament God in there, I mean I expected Jesus, they always play some Jesus, but they have not pulled out Old testament for a few shows.

    Also Trump Gesticulates like nobody else, his hand is first a saber, than a hand, then a hug, then a shove. He had us all at the hand gestures, but then he shrugs, and smirks.. omg swooning.. hell yes .

    Some big words used, animus, curriculum.

    Entertainment magic.

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