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I Got The Radio On

Question time, Enthusiasts: what’s the best song about a place? City, town, region, whatever.

I might have this one. Name your favorites.


  1. This is surely one of the all-timers. I was lucky enough to see Jonathan perform this in Berkeley way back when, before he gave up performing it (unless he started doing it again). His drummer was the guy who later ended up in The Cars. He also did “New Teller.”

  2. Certainly not this one, but it’s worth watching. It is Bob’s town after all. Note toddler drinking beer.

  3. Isaac Hayes’ version of “By The Time I Get to Phoenix”.

    Or John Cale’s version of “Memphis”.

    Or Neil Diamond’s “Brooklyn Roads”.

    Or Steely Dan’s “Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me)”

    Or X’s “Los Angeles”

  4. I drove by a Stop n Shop with the radio on earlier this evening.

    Plus there were neon signs and it’s freezing here.

    So yes, this song is applicable.

  5. John Prine “Paradise”

  6. bobby’s

    “Salt Lake City”

    Really makes Des Moines look second rate.

  7. Dylan’s Santa Fe needs to be on this list.

  8. Luther Von Baconson

    January 7, 2017 at 8:48 am

    gonna have to go with Huey, ’cause of all the places

  9. take your choice


    smash hit cover

    Love both renditions, but I think the Waves version edges out the Bangles , on account of the way that Katrina Leskanich ad libs “…yeah…”

  10. Best song about Florida that you never heard of

    (trigger warning for non-PC “race language”, un-selfconscious and benignly intended though it may be. Certainly falls easier on the ears than some Stephen Foster lyrics. And face it, the internal rhyming is great. So let ole Doc Snock off with a warning on this one: it’s his first offense, & he’s a master of Americana folk primitivism.)

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