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I Just Wanna See His Face

Who does the Jew get
To worship
And ride shotgun?

Gimme Jesus,
Straight-haired Jesus,
The one from the paintings,
He had such good

Or Imhotep
–now impotent–
I’ll take a backbencher.

Tell me about His appetite,
And the names of all Her weapons

But not You.
Tetragrammaton for the fancy:
You do it Your way, Yahweh.

And faceless
(the beard is assumed)
To look upon the face of blah blah blah.

That bullshit’s for
The pious and the readers:
Gimme Jesus
With a face like a movie star.
We all need a face
We can look up at,
While we’re on our knees,


  1. Don’t wanna walk and talk about Jesus . . .

    (This is damn good poesy. And it references my fave Stones song. Gold star on your refrigerator, sir!)

    (The fact that this song fades in and out leads me to believe that there’s a longer jam version out there somewhere, and I’d kill to hear it).

  2. Luther Von Baconson

    September 7, 2016 at 11:14 am

    i like this. thanks!

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