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I Just Wanna Watch My Stories

A lovely Enthusiast did a lovely thing and sent me the video of 7/4, but it’s huge–7 gigs–and QuickTime won’t AirPlay on my computer, and I can’t put it on my iPhone because it is too big, and now iTunes is refusing to convert the thing.

Here’s what would be nice: someone throw it up on YouTube in a private room or whatnot. I’ll leave your name out of it, and when I’m done, you take it down. That sauce would be awesome. Such awesome sauce.

Or you could come to my house and just kill me because this is the single worst thing ever to happen to a Jew, and I put no time restraints on that: in the history of Judaism, this is the most tragic thing. Technology is Hitler.

To sum up: do stuff for me, please.


  1. Send it to me and I can probably do something with it I’ve got a lot of space computer

  2. Actually I might be able to do something with this because I just have to re-install uTorrent and use the Pirate Bay so it miiiiight work hold up

  3. I love how I immediately volunteered to do this shit and then realized I have absolutely no idea what I was doing and thought I was having a virus remember that everybody????? wow???? good times good times

  4. Begging doesn’t become you, especially when you use the Jew card. And, maggiemay, please, get a grip.

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