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I Know We’ll Be There Soon

I’m just going to be honest with you, Enthusiasts: I have no fucking clue what this is. The closest I can get to an understanding is that sometime in the late 90’s, the Grateful Dead was going to open up some sort of facility called Terrapin Station. I’d be more specific, but I can’t. Look at the paragraph explaining what Terrapin Station is:

TERRAPIN STATION is programmed to recreate and enhance the feeling of a Grateful Dead concert. As part of this idea, the facility is designed to be a physical manifestation of what it might be like to walk into a Grateful Dead song list – like a Grateful Dead concert, Terrapin Station will be arranged around two “sets” of music. This reality is about all that any person going to a Grateful Dead show can count on. The rest of the experience is left up to the visitor to explore, touch, gaze, and ultimately to find their own meaning for their visit. There will be more than enough entertainment capacity within Terrapin Station, changing over time, so that not everything will be able to be seen during one visit.

That’s not from some “About” page deep within the site: it’s the initial sales pitch, and I have absolutely no idea what Terrapin Station is at this point, other than I’ll need to see it more than once. The graf is halfway to a Markov chain; I don’t think English is the writer’s first language. Maybe not even second.

Here’s what I can piece together, though: it’s a museum. And a restaurant. Also a venue. A bar. Private bar for rich people.



A hotel. The Grateful Dead thought they were going to build themselves a hotel. They’re adorable. They even had a model made. Look:


Bobby brought his action figures to the meeting, and used the model as a playset. PEW PEW, Bobby made the laser noise while Phil pretended to not notice and tried to have a serious talk with the architect about the use of sacred geometry in the men’s rooms.

Obviously, the archives of need some more exploring: what other pipe dreams are in there? I’ll keep you updated.


  1. I have an original “book” from this as a friend was the architect involved. I’ll dig it up and scan you a copy. No, not “you” Enthusiasts, just TotD – celebrities only! Wally gets a copy too, if he doesn’t already have one… I’m sure one of them will share with the wider world. Go Blimps!

  2. If memory serves, this was supposed to be the official post-Jerry plan. Sounded pretty awesome at the time. I think the 3 cd limited edition Terrapin box set was part of the fund raising. I took the bait and bought one.

    Elsewhere on, the Hunter Archives was kind of interesting.

  3. I remember reading about this, and then years later, Phil made Terrapin X Roads. Being on the East Coast I was just left wondering about the scale down of plans? Bocce courts? And also there is TRI, How does the song go?

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