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Speaking of football, a buddy of mine posted this: it’s the Los Angeles Coliseum, where the newly-relocated Rams beat the Seahawks in a barn-burner 9-3 game. It’s the view from his seat, though he surely must have only needed the edge of it–as I mentioned: 9-3–and the vantage is a hilarious reminder of how badly the NFL has fucked up yet again. The new stadium, which will be in Terminal 2 at LAX, won’t be ready for two years; until then, the Rams will play in the Coliseum.

The L.A. Coliseum was built in 1209 by the indigenous Chumash people, and originally used for religious festivals, including the harvest celebration where, to thank the gods for the bounty of the year’s crop, two groups of large men ritualistically concussed one another. During the period of Spanish rule, the Coliseum was used for bullfighting, and naps.

America took control of the Los Angeles region in 1847; to commemorate the occasion, Buffalo Bill Cody and his Wild West show was installed in the Coliseum for a month, even though he was only one year old at the time, and the venue has been intertwined with Angeleno history ever since. The original Hollywood sign was fashioned from metal taken from the building (leading to a partial collapse in 1924). The first Chinatown in L.A. was situated around the 30-yard line, and was where Noah Cross incested his daughter, leading to the cable cars being removed. In 1956, the forcibly-displaced Mexican-American occupants of Chavez Ravine were brought here and executed.

The Coliseum was where Ronald Reagan won the Olympics.

USC plays football there now, but there are no luxury boxes or WiFi; the seats are neither heated nor smart; there’s not even a dedicated app. The water fountains are just for show, and there are mountain lions everywhere. Also: my seat was closer than this seat: my couch in South Florida was nearer to the action than the metal folding chair anchored into concrete actually at the venue was.

But anyway: professional football’s back in Los Angeles. Fourth time’s the charm.

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