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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

I Need A Rando ‘Bout Twice My Height

Bobby, do you need help?

“Well, you know: no man is an island. But, I’m okay currently.”

It looks like you’re pleading for assistance with your eyes.

“He’s awful close.”

You need Precarious?

“No, I think this one’s friendly. Not gonna lie: smells nice. Like a lemon tree.”

That’s one big rando.

“You bet. He should probably have to buy two tickets to the show.”

Good idea. Like fat people on airlines.

“Yeah, yeah. Maybe we could start overbooking, too.”

Bill Graham used to do that, but he called it “bribing the fire marshal.”


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  1. A musician from here. Plays often with former Giants pitcher Jake Peavey among many others.

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