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I Need To Stop Buying Dead Books Off Amazon

Did you know Bobby wrote a children’s book? He did, in 1991. It was called Panther Dreams. Because of course it was. It had an environmental theme. Again, because of course it did. (Were the Dead that fucking famous in ’91? Children’s books are some high-level Regis and Madonna famous person bullshit.)

Tarot. Do you remember Tarot? It was the play TC left the Dead to score. Did you know it was a mime musical? This is a fact: I am not making it up.  Tom Constanten was the Crispin Glover of his time.

Bobby’s looks were becoming a problem. The problem was, Bobby was a pretty young man. Which meant he could essentially wear clown clothes and make them work, but when a man gets older, dignity should take the forefront. The pretty do not learn dignity.

Robert Hunter recorded an album called Amalgamalin Street. It was described as both an “audio novel” and a “rock-opera.” It was about a guy named Chet. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?

Sweet heavenly hosts, I’m sitting here listening to them, while I read and write about them. These baboons have infiltrated my very Essence. they have befouled me like worse than Billy did that Holiday Inn that time in Des Moines when he got bored. No, not that time: the other time. No, the other time.

Mickey spoke in front of the Senate? The real one, not a bunch of dogs wearing human shirts Steve Parrish wrangled in the parking lot? The actual human Senate of the United States? In this reality? Not in some Quantum Leap type deal? (Billy could totally play Dead Stockton.) The same year he also produced an album called Honor the Earth Powwow? What a world we created.

The American Book of the Dead by Oliver Trager is awesome.

By the way: Mickey spoke in front of Senate about the benefits of drum circles for the elderly. Because of course he did.


  1. I started reading it at borders but I dont have 17 dollars to spend on a book. I had to go before I could get half way through but it was relatively short. I stopped on chapter 12 and I dont want to buy the hardback copy of it at borders. Can anyone help me?

  2. Here’s a much better recording (sdbd) of the comeback show with TOG which you liked.
    Enjoying your blog. Sharing it lots in Takoma Park MD and DC.
    You owe me. One of Billy’s books? Your discard of it, how’s about….

  3. “Tom Constanten was the Crispin Glover of his time.”
    Funniest thing I’ve heard in ages! Can’t stop laughing! Grateful!

  4. My aunt found this in a used bookstore in her town and sent me a pic saying, “Act surprised when you open this on your birthday!”

    11 days!!!

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