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The quality of this site varies wildly: sure, sometimes I’ll hit a vein and Roy Head will make an appearance, or we’ll take a trip to Little Aleppo; mostly, it’s just an odd, half-clever loner making fun of musicians’ haircuts.

The same cannot be said for Lost Live Dead (and her sister site, Hooterollin). The reporting and researching are of the most lethal of calibers, and the topics are always interesting surprises; Corry (the proprietor of both sites and a welcome guest in the Comment Section) invariably finds things to write about that I didn’t know I didn’t know: the man deals in Rumsfeldian Unknown Unknowns.

This post is about the Orpheum, the San Francisco theater that saw the Dead visit for a six-night run in 1976, and I advise you to follow my lead and go read it immediately.

EDIT: I have now begun reading I have learned two things: Corry attended the 7/17/76 show soon to be released as Dave’s Picks 17; and Corry owes me money.




  1. Thanks for the kind words as always. Without you, I would just be a self-absorbed pedant. Actually, I may be just a self-absorbed pedant anyway, but I have no perspective.

    I have sent the mandated 25 cents to John Fogerty for the use of “Choogly.” I am sure that your piece of that will be coming to you very, very soon.

  2. ToTD..

    Was Corry’s tribute good enough?

    Or should we all gang up on him like only Deadheads can?

    I mean he sort of is saying that you stole it from Fogerty and he stole it from you. This is not true.

    Fogerty may have said Choogle, Chooglin and Choogly, but it was you who gave the word meaning. Fogerty was merely scatting semi rhythm nonsense like only a white man can.

    Actually I just realized that from what I have seen of his comment section, it is also a nice place where the Deadheads behave. Someone call a sociologist to figure out why most sites degrade into petty bickering, but a few do not.

    Still the offer stands, we can hurl childish insults at him if you’d like.

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