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I Remain Irritated At Pitchfork

How do you put The Germs, who were terrible, on the list and not the The Runaways, who were awesome? Y’know what, Pitchfork? You can disrespect Elvis, but when you insult Lita Ford, then you’ve made an enemy of TotD. 1976 from the Sunset Strip.


  1. I Second That Emotion on The Runaways. I am an old hippie, with old hippie Cred, but I saw The Runaways for free in Sproul Plaza (UC Berkeley)–probably Apr 30 ’76–and they were awesome

    Shoulda been there

  2. Looking for the list that riles, I found a list of Pitchfork’s 500 top rated albums.

    Not only does it contain a total of zero Grateful Dead albums, it does not contain Cold Chisel’s immortal Breakfast at Sweethearts.

    While my inspection was cursory, I didn’t see too much by the Mothers of Invention, Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, The Band, Cream, Warren Zevon, Richard Thompson, Mark Knopfler (or Dire Straits), Stevie Ray Vaughn, Muddy Waters, Elvis Presley or Janis Joplin either.

    And no Sam Cooke.

    Can I have the last half hour back, please?

  3. The 70’s were more than just a decade, there were like 5 decades in there.

    More music variety happened in 5 years of the 70s than has happened in the last 3 decades.


    • Good analysis, Tor. It is refreshing to see objective quantitative methods applied to what has proved to be a highly emotionally charged subject.

      It is worth exploring this further. Is 1970 part of the sixties or the seventies? Did the seventies end in 1975? Which was the most seventies year?

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