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I Said “No Pictures”

This is in Toronto, during the shit-dumb Festival Express that bankrupted a few hippies, enriched a few liquor store owners, and excreted a half-decent movie worth it if only for the scene of an unfathomably drunk-and-stoned Rick Danko, Marmaduke Dawson, Janis Joplin, and Garcia and Bobby wobbily circling through No More Cane on the Brazos. You’ve seen it, or you haven’t.

There. Now you have.

Anyway, this was 1970–long before the invention of security–and that doofus with the Nikon must have gotten up into Garcia’s face, unleashing the rarest Garcia of all: Scary Bear.

Legend has it that Garcia mauled and devoured the photog, but you can’t trust John Legend.


  1. There is fantastic youtube footage from the Coronation Park Festival express free gig that has surfaced…. darn it appears to have been taken down

    turn on your lovelight calgary 1970 festival express outtake….

  2. If there are enough outtakes for a Festival Express part II release, it needs to be done. If they’re aren’t, get the snippets out there. I don’t get the decision to block this and hoard it.

    This observation is really asking for it, but I don’t think the band ever had a better sound than when Garcia and Lesh were playing Gibson SGs.

  3. Ok peeps, I’ve found it, from the same gig as the above photo the free concert in coronation park, tronna,Ontario. No sound or video footage from this gig has ever surfaced before and mr. Rothenberg apperently thinks it was from 73, so memories may be hazy, I’ll try to contact him for clarification. And Garcia is playing the George Harrison telecaster!
    On the festival express tour, shot by Donald Ellis rothenberg,who may or may not be the mustachios fella below the dude with the Nikon, and speaking of bear, is that not him in bottom middle of above photo? I didn’t know he was on that trip.

    There are lots of other festival express outages floating around out there…

  4. Easy wind festival express 1970 outtake unreleased

  5. I’ve wondered about the unreleased Festival Express footage, too. I don’t have any inside information or anything, but my guess is that the contracts the artists signed with the filmmakers allowed for a maximum of [x] songs by each artist to be used in the film, and the bonus cuts on the DVD were the most that could be released.
    And so now we’re in a situation similar to what happened with the missing Betty boards — the filmmakers are sitting on this stash of material that they can’t legally release, but they’re asking for some ridiculous amount of money from the current rights-holders to let them use it.

    However, their hand may be forced by European copyright law — at least for musical performances, if a recording is 50 years old and has never been officially published it goes into the public domain (hence the flood of ’65-’67 archival Dylan releases the last few years, the “45th-anniversary” VU and Roxy Music releases, the King Crimson mega-boxes, etc., etc.). I don’t know for sure if the law applies equally to unreleased video, but I’m betting that we get an official release of all the Festival Express footage before the end of 2020.

    [And what about everyone’s favorite semi-defunct choogly-type band and their archival releases? Do they care about such things? Beats me. It’ll be interesting to see how much of the Anthem multitrack source material comes out in the next year, though. And start saving up for that complete-as-possible Oct. ’74 Winterland audio-video box.]

  6. I don’t know if what I’m asking (below) is Germaine (Greer?) to this EXACT question, but here goes….

    Is there, anywhere on the Horizon, talk of a Physical DVD release of Amir’s movie??

    I don’t have, and never WILL have Ammerzaun Prime/Subprime/SubGenius but I want to Give My Dough to a Brick And Mortar place and Actually BUY the fricken movie. Preferably a Lengthy Director’s Cut with additional interview stuff.

    [insert that pic of the Orange Haired guy from Futurama yelling “Take my Money!!” here]

    Anyone know?

  7. Luther Von Baconson

    February 5, 2018 at 11:24 am

    “uhhhh…’s where it’s at man. take all your empties to the Brewer’s Retail at Queen & Bathurst. ask for 24 Canadian, then Buddy, who has a microphone, will tell the guys in the back ’24 Canadian’. then like the case of beer comes out by itself on a thing that goes ‘whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’……….”

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