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I Think I Met You At The Phil-Out Tent

This is from last night’s VIP Late Night All Star Rockin’ Eve presented by Peter Shapiro and sponsored by Cialis. (“Get your cock in at Lock’n!”) A small number of lucky fans got to see Phil (and Bobby and I think the other two, probably) in an intimate setting. By “lucky,” obviously, I mean “culturally/societally/financially lucky” rather than “raffle ticket lucky” because in honesty, you could be the unluckiest mush in the world and get in that tent if you had a few grand.

Obscure joke of the night: the guitarist on the right looks like an Ancient Egyptian woman.

Also: while we make fun of Mickey for wearing any free garment he can get his hands on, that jean jacket looks awful familiar.


  1. In all seriousness, is it true that there was a VIP event that cost beaucoup bucks to get into?

  2. That’s Ross F.* James, and he’s not Egyptian nor does he walk like one. Neal Casals on the left.

    *The F stands for fuckin’

  3. Neal Casal on left?

  4. +1 for the hold steady reference

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