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I’d Like To Meet His Luthier

phil onstage heinekin

For some shows, Phil brought his sexy with him; other he didn’t. His Heinekin and 6 tons of tube amplifiers, however, made it to every show.

Seriously, though: it was like his bass and his rig were in a competition to see which one could be needlessly huger.


  1. dig that eat a peach shirt.

    • Between the shirt, the shag cut, and the all-access pass stickered just right on the jeans, I would totes do gay stuff on Phil from this picture, or allow Phil from this picture to do gay stuff on me. His choice.

  2. Crown DC 300’s rule. Mak 300’s rule. Running them two sides rules. Four? Even better. Being the “Gear Lusting SOB” that I am, I never even bothered looking at performers when I was “in the biz.” I wanted to know their rigs.

    Much like Neil Peart’s drum kit, BIGGER is better. Period. Until you have to pack it up and move it.

    I used to have a rental joint out in the mountains with an Altec Lansing Voice Of The Theater P.A. as my home speakers. It made the glass in the picture windows “flex.”

    I’m not that crazy anymore. And, a “Townie.” The neighbors bitch about my 90w amp and Kirksaeter’s already. I’ve actually come to like headphones better, allot of the time.

    No, I’m not bragging. I’m “crazy,” not: “stupid.” “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

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