bobby green grassa 77

“Sing to me of youth, grass and trees; sing to me of innocence. Grow around me, under me; grow nutritious and feed the cows and sheep that might somehow wander into a suburban San Francisco park.

“Eat, aphids and katydoodles and ladybugs and fuzzy-wuzzies and sherpas and shamalamadingdongs! Burrow, vole and stoat and marmot and prairie dog! (The prairie dog had come out as gay to his colony and got thrown out and was now sleeping on someone’s couch in the Castro.)

“The seed of the tree becomes the breakfast of the mouse: it becomes the mouse, do you see? As the mouse becomes the hawk; the hawk becomes the scavenger; the hunter becomes the hunted; Victor becomes Victoria; Death becomes her.

“Patterns, man.

“Beauty is eternal. Nothing Changes; everything lasts.”

bobby pink bunny suit

“Daddy’s gonna need another one of those big blue pills, two more Coronas, and a pre-show beej. Also: bunny suit ain’t coming off.”