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If On A Tuesday

There might be no show biz trick more primal, more bankable, or more affordable than coming out in matching outfits.

There may, however, be no act more Grateful Dead than Phil fucking the whole thing up with a vest he stole from a lesbian bookstore owner. (That phrase was ambiguous, so allow me to explain: both the human and the bookstore are lesbian in nature. Lesbian in a vest sitting behind the counter of a bookstore that caters to lesbians. There are absolutely no dicks in this equation.)


  1. I keep meaning to get one of those shirts made up. Nothing could be easier

  2. On a related note, scrolling through the archives of the Pigpen tag is fantastic. Highly recommended for the n00bs who never went back and read from the beginning:

  3. intercontinental snark, so sorry

  4. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    October 10, 2015 at 4:16 am

    when i first saw Family Dog footage (china rider) i thought the fillmore shirt Pig was wearing was a California Golden Seals jersey. i still think Pig mighta been a Seals fan. went to some games, drinks ‘n’ hot links t in the dressing room post-game & whatnot. Pig, vince guaraldi, reggie leach, & gary “suitcase” smith Make Party at Pig’s crib.

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