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If, Then

If Garcia says “burn off both your ears,” then Deal may or may not be great.

If Garcia says “burn off both your little ears,” then Deal shall be great.


  1. I thought I was the only one to have noticed that subtlety. Tank TotD

  2. is there a Sweet Suzie corollary?

  3. JGB Deals > GD Deals

    • Even after they added the jammed out ending to the GD version?

      I basically agree, the best Deal solo I’ve ever heard is the grey live album one

      • Many 1980’s JGB Deals would SAW off your ears.
        Just the Keystone alone…..

        Saberheads can check, but I believe JGB was closing first sets w Deal before the Dead started doing it.

        • Whether or not they closed with it, Jerry started extending the end solo in GD versions of Deal at Radio City or Warfield ’80. I’ve been meaning to go back and figure out if it started in JGB versions before that. It was def referred to as “the JGB version of Deal” by my friend circles in the 80s but I don’t really knew which came first

  4. Nashville’s Crashville Charlie Brown!

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