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When the Solstice came, there would be a reckoning. This is what the message claimed: build it and there will be a need. It is your destiny that has been written.

Where was it written? Excellent question. Many books. Many. It’s written all over the damn place.

Originally, you’re asking. Huh. Well, buddy: that is a superior question. In the sky, and on the wind, and on the lips of children, and…you ain’t buying this, are you?

Fine. You need to keep this under your hat: the Wall built itself a little bit maybe.

It sounded crazy to everyone. Ramrod came in early most mornings: he was a farm kid and could never sleep much past first light and he would grab donuts on the way in and open up the office and one morning in late ’72, there was a hum….

Those speakers hadn’t been there before. They were on the manifest and battered in the same way that the other speakers were, and festooned on every side with a Stealie or a lightning bolt like the other speakers. but they hadn;t been there before.

Soon a new amplifier arrived, and another. They hadn’t been ordered, certainly not paid for, but there they were and the fucked up thing, the thing that Ramrod couldn’t get his mesh-backed skull around, was that they weren’t new. They had, according to his notes and the purchase orders and even according to Hoyle supposed to be there.

But they hadn’t been there before.

The PA system got larger and larger and soon there was this idea going around: “the wall,” “we could have a big wall,” “what about a whole wall of sounds,” and finally “not A wall of sounds, THE Wall of Sound.”

No one had the idea: all of them had the idea. It cam from nowhere, like those speakers. It hadn’t been there before.

But soon there were more speakers.