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If Your Muppet Is Full, May It Be Again


Is this, Enthusiasts, the Fullest Muppet? Garcia was throughout his life on the precipice of muppet fullness, but is this it? Should we even dare to declaim, knowing as we do that a Black Swan event might be lurking out there, a photo in which Garcia achieved–though briefly–muppetry of 110%?

Always a mystery when you contemplate the Full Muppet.


  1. As photos approach infinity, Garcia Full Muppet achieves maximum.

    • There is wisdom to be found in this assessment, if you look at it long enough with a strong, half full magnifying glass.

  2. I know that it is said, typed, bumper stickered to death, but, I miss just knowing he is out there on the road, playing somewhere. Perhaps, we could see Jerry again, on Route 77, which takes us to Little Aleppo?

  3. Full Muppet…drop mic(s)

  4. With a well brushed out beard for full muppet.

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