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I’ll Be Friends With The Devil Before I’m Friends With Vimeo

Everybody’s friend until you ask to borrow money, Mr. Completely, found this uptempo Friend of the Devil from the ’89 Sullivan Stadium show being released as this year’s Meet-Up at the Movies: Garcia is all smiley, and Bobby is wearing hot pants, and Phil is still working off the Heineken weight.

Also: he found it on Vimeo and fuck Vimeo; I put it on my YouTube channel, so it might get taken down any minute, but I’m not linking to Vimeo. My grandfather stormed the beach at Normandy so I wouldn’t have to deal with fucking Vimeo.


  1. Actually looking forward to this “Meet-Up at the Movies.” Foxboro ’89 was one of the last GD shows I attended where Garcia was totally on fire and on point throughout. One can only hope that they manage to include the nice before-show backstage performance that included Jerry, Weir and Los Lobos.

  2. 89 was the year I got on the bus.

  3. Which is more rare: Brent with a blue cup, or Bobby wearing a barette?

  4. The first 0:45 of this is likely the reason they took Mickey’s cymbals away.

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