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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

I’m Ready For My Closeup, Miss Brightman

Who’s a sleepy bear? Who is? Who is?

“I didn’t really miss our talks, man. Aren’t you a big-time novelist now?”

I’m like James Patterson if he could write and didn’t make any money.

“So, nothing like him?”

I guess, sure. You know how to sell a book?

“I see guys on the street that lay ’em on blankets.”

Not that way.

“Yeah, I know, man. I got no idea. Every business deal I ever did was brought to me.”

Pete Townshend said being a rock star was like being a hot chick.

“I can see it, yeah, sure. Everybody pretends to laugh at your jokes while they’re figuring out how to fuck you.”

How did no one notice how cynical you were?

“I have a cheerful way of speaking. No one listens.”

Course not. You’re a hot chick.

“I didn’t apply for the job, but it’s not a terrible position.”



  1. That is one of the cleaner fresher Garcia’s I have seen.

  2. Townshend posted a book (“The Boy Who Heard Music”) online too. Oh yeah, and Hunter too (“The Giant’s Harp”). I like yours best.

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