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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

I’m Ready For My Spotlight, Ms. Brightman*

“Yes. Yeeeeees. Love Mickey, people. Love Mickey.”

You all right, Mick?

“I’m just so excited about the new movie.”


“And the partnership we’ve built with Chase Sapphire®. There’s no introductory fee, and the first year is free!”

Awesome. You see the movie?

“Parts of it.”

Parts of it?

“I didn’t watch the very beginning, and then I watched for an hour, and then I stopped watching for a while, and then I watched the rest.”

You just watched the parts when you were in the band?

“It’s just weird seeing a band with one drummer. Who does that?”

Everyone. Literally every other band except the Allman Brothers.

“Allmans are here?”

No, Gregg couldn’t make it. He’s either dying or playing a casino in Kansas.

“What’s the difference?”

None at all.


*I just realized that the person who did the Dead’s lights is named “Brightman.” We’re living in a novel written by a hack.

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  1. Literally every other band. 🙁

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