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I’m Too Sexy For This Wheelchair

CKFOtq0VAAA87xJHey, John Perry Barlow. Nice to see you out of that place.

“Kicking ass, causing trouble.”

That’s what JPB does.

“Can’t stop now.”

No. John Perry Barlow?


Are you being kidnapped by a Details magazine fashion shoot?


Is he in the Arcade Fire?

“Don’t think so.”

Is he Instagram-famous?

“I don’t know what that is.”

Did he fly in from Brooklyn just to push your wheelchair?

“Probably not.”

Does he love vinyl?


Did he tell you about how he was really into fixed-gear wheelchairs?

“That’s not a thing.”



  1. #stoplumbersexuals2k15

    • There’s a fashion trend happening worldwide, and Adrian Flygt isn’t too happy about it. As a competitive lumberjack for STIHL Timbersports, wearing flannel and sprouting an impressive beard are pretty much prerequisites for a life spent chopping wood. So lumbersexuals, a breed of male sporting the same get-up without the same set of skills, are kind of stealing his thunder.

      “Hipsters went from wearing pressed, collared shirts and trousers to wearing flannel shirts,” the Fort Collins, Colorado, local growls into the phone with a laugh. “It makes me chuckle. The reason I wear flannel and grow a beard? It’s because I don’t have style. I just want to feel warm and comfy when I’m out chopping wood. It’s about authenticity—it’s sort of like, ‘this is what I do, this is how I choose to live.’”


      • I hate lumber/plumbersexuals

      • I used to like hipsters in middle school. *shudders* I used to listen to indie music and go on Wattpad and wear espadrilles. Now that I’ve been musically enlightened, I can’t say I have much respect for hipsters and their whiny music.

  2. Did he become some kind of Pope while he was in there?

    Pope in my mirrorshades better to see.

  3. If swaggie maggie did not exist, it would be necessary for TotD to invent her.

    – 9 Voltaire

  4. of course john perry barlow knows what instagram is! he is a EFF dude, early adopter, was on the well second of all…..!

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