Hey, what if the Grateful Dead were Secretaries-General of the United Nations? Obviously, Garcia is Boutros-Boutros Ghali (which my spell-check says is spelled wrong, therefore: racist devil). Phil is clearly U Thant, and if you can’t see Trygve Lie’s baby blues staring out at you from behind the drums stage right, well…I don’t know what’s wrong with you, pal.

You got nothing, do you?

Not as such, no.

It really is going to be sad to see you go–

Dead as the A-Team? With Garcia as Hannibal and he’s like, “I love it when a jam comes together.” And Billy is Murdock and Bobby is Face and Merl is B.A., because they tried it with Mickey in black-face and even he saw the problems, so they called the only black guy they knew.

I’m going to pass.

Merl was the Dead’s Billy Preston

Nice observation, but still gonna pass.

Can I just go workshop some stuff, rub it up some flags, get it back to you in a much more proactive paradigm?

If you admit that what you just said doesn’t mean anything, then: yes.

Complete bullshit. All of it.

Get back to me.