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In A Backyard In July

jerry banjo 94
Context matters. Cigarette wedged under the strings on the headstock of a Strat: cool. Under banjo strings: not as much.


  1. Wonder if that is the church in Nacasio, CA in Marin?

  2. Any chance that this shot was taken in Ireland in the early 90s? I have reason to think this.

  3. Probably a Shubb Capo, right? Rick Shubb made banjo capos, starting in 1979. He has sold over a million. Not a metaphor–actually a million. Garcia, his former roommate, bought the first one

    Shubb also did the lettering on Billy K’s drumset for the Warlocks (it can be seen in the photos of the Warlocks at the In Room in Belmont, featured in these pages some time ago).

  4. Luther Von Baconson

    January 7, 2016 at 6:51 pm

    nice beard line. tight, but escalloped in a way. flange-like.

  5. Corry,

    Can you ask the European keepers of the Jerry shaving calendar when this photo was taken..

  6. Photo if my memory serves was from a rolling stone interview in which the author states they were just driving around back roads outside of s.f. On a nice sunny day.

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