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In A White Room

jerry shorts vince

Generalizations about white men you can make from this photo:

  • They cannot dress themselves.
  • They cannot groom themselves.
  • They insist on putting their doomed keyboardists on risers.


  1. Is that Larry David in the background? Do you think he and Bill Graham would have gotten along?

    • While the meeting of Larry David and Bill Graham would go entertainingly enough that I have now stolen your idea and am preparing to present it as my own, I think that’s actually someone weirder than LD.

      That maaaaaay be US Senator Pat Leahy (D-Vermont,) who according to Wikipedia is not only still alive, but also not yet deceased. Good for you, Senator.

  2. Who do ya think groomed/trained Billy in the Art of Dick-Punching? Its been said Leahy “dick-punched” several State laws into effect.

  3. That definitely might be Leahy. Is this from RFK 95?

  4. Oh, another thing these two teach you about old white men, mostly they self-destruct.

  5. My high school PE uniforms were Columbia blue bottoms and navy tops, too! I didn’t finish the look of with black socks and posturepedic shoes. But, then again, I’m not a rock star.

  6. I shore love Jerry but those long boxers are very bad.

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