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In And Out Of Phil’s Restaurant He Goes

Phil (and his Phriends) are celebrating 1983 tonight over at Terrapin Crossroads, and I am an idiot, as I just looked up when the last St. Stephen was instead of simply reading the shirt.

Also: muscle-T.

Also also: if you’re interested in what it all sounds like (man) then an innertubes hero named Busterdog has what you’re looking for.


  1. If memory serves–as they used to say on Iron Chef, back when it was translated from the Japanese–the interesting thing about this show was that Airto Moreira sat in for pretty much the entire show. From the opening “Wang Dang Doodle” all the way through the drum solo. Although, of course, he did not return after that and missed out on “St Stephen.”

    Still–everybody went bonkers for “St Stephen.” Little did we know that it would never pass our way again, but that is how things are.

  2. At show. Got a miracle for someone local. Hit me with text 415nine484354

  3. one of your best titles!

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