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In Defense Of 1978


As usual, Enthusiasts, what should be a joyous occasion ends with TotD in a murderous funk. (Murderous Funk is a wideout from Auburn, and fantasy players should look for a big rookie year out of him.) It’s my fault: no one forced me to scroll down on the announcement page for the new July ’78 set. I knew the comment section was there. That’s where it’s kept; it would be weird to find it anywhere else.

Did you know that people accuse David Lemieuxnicipalbonds of things? Like, honestly and sincerely think he’s a scandalous scoundrel? Now, I know I do that, but you know the way I do it? They do it the other way.

(Also, let me take a moment to wish DL a happy birthday. The best to him, his wife Regina, and their seven children, Gordie, Girl Gordie, Northstar, Jean-Luc, Fleece, and the twins, Mickie and Billie. I hope those children know how hard their father works down in the choogle mines to provide for them.)

Anyway, in addition to the Box Set, which’ll run you $130, there will also be a single-serving release of the well-known 7/8 Red Rocks show that you can grab for $30; I listened to  it in between shooting the videos that will assuredly be used at the competency hearing in the near future.

The show is morphistic, and it thrumps and enprances the part of your heart where you store the spare boners. (That was the first sentence of my e-mail asking if I could write the liner notes; the e-mail was not returned.) It is also a perfect ’78, which brings me to my point.

I do have a point.

1978 is the best year of the Grateful Dead. Not musically, obviously, and they looked weird that year, too; probably smelled funny. Financially, 1978 was one of the recurring near-bankruptcies. Most of the band were junkies that year, as well. Still: the best.

Therefore, TotD now presents Reasons 1978 Was The Greatest Year EVAR:

Is this because your Twitter friends were being mean to 1978?

Please don’t cockblock the bullet points, Brodysseus.

You’re a petty man.

I felt attacked, and like I was tour-shamed.

Not a thing.


Don’t do that.

You’re coming at me with a lot of ’73 Privilege right now.

Shut up.

You need to get woke.

Just do whatever you’re going to do.

Thank you. 1978 Is The Best EVAR:

  • Cuz it is, shut up, you’re not my dad.
  • If you went choose a random ’77 show, you know that it’s going to be good, and that’s boring; if you choose a random ’78, you get to be surprised.
  • Sometimes, the whole band will leave the stage while Garcia solos for a while.
  • And other times, the whole band will not leave the stage while the drummers solo.
  • No one had any idea where to be.
  • 1978 was the year the Dead started playing football stadiums regularly, and every time I have seen the Dead (or What’s Left of ‘Em), it has been in a football stadium: point TotD.
  • There is an astounding amount of arithromancy and sacred numeralizing one can do with the number 1978.
  • If you asked a Grateful Dead about his or her favorite experience, they would surely say Egypt, so why don’t you stop being so selfish and listen to the people who should know?
  • No Transformers films were released in 1978.
  • For the first time in many years, the Dead toured extensively in the Deep South, so I hear a lot of classism implicit in many of these critiques.
  • IN 1972, the Boys went to Europe; in ’78, Egypt: foreign is foreign, so I declare 1978 the winner because it just is, man.
  • How many shows did Keith play well at in 1978?
  • Almost many.
  • A solid plurality.
  • But how many did he play well at in 1968?
  • None at all.
  • The facts make my case for me.
  • Some people believe that there are years in the 80’s better than ’78.
  • Some people just wanna be wrong.
  • Judging from the evidence, David Lemieucinex believes–correctly–that 1978 is a sterling and under-rated year and, you know: he likes the Dead so much he gets paid for it, so I’ll go with his opinion.
  • Although he has stated a preference for ’69.
  • Grateful Dead Archivist David Lemieux enjoys ’69.
  • Sometimes, friends will comment, “All you want is ’69!” and DL will say “I gotta have ’69 all day and twice during the hockey game.”
  • Stop this.
  • You’ve been weird all day and it’s getting weirder, weirdo.
  • Yeah.
  • All right, champ.


  1. Don’t forget Lemieux’s dog: Dougie

  2. Some of my all-time favorite, desert island jams/performances comes from 1978. Stuff I wouldn’t trade for the world. Plus some of Garcia’s best solo work!

    Of course, so does some of my all-time least favorite, dying-in-a-waterless-desert shit comes from 1978. Mostly because Weir learned slide guitar on the job, never bothered to set his rig up to sound good with a slide, and can’t play in tune for piss. I’m convinced many of Jerry’s lines in later ’78 Scarlet transitions and Fire peaks comes from him trying to bury Bobby in the mix.

    Box set is gonna be fire though. 3 unreleased Bettys?! Thanks Obama

  3. Luther Von Baconson

    March 16, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    just what my heart needs, thrumping (spooky man….autocorrect wants thrombin) and enprancing (i’ll take entrancing).

  4. “choogle mines” – so so so good.

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