Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

In Sickness And In Health

Just for the record: there’s also a couple of comic books, a handful of guitar picks, and a sleeve of Oreo cookies in there, but those contents are not germane to the discussion, really


  1. after you have had one bindle stolen, you just never takes chances again

  2. Isn’t there some lost songs in their too?

    On a personal not just bought tix to the Jon Mayer concert dec 27 in SF

  3. you have copied not only the idea,, but even the fonts of my comments daughter, swaggie maggie! i am shocked.

  4. Just ponied up to the bar at Terrapin and see that Phil and friends are honoring a 1981 set list tonight. Can’t go ( responsible) but plenty of twirlers gearing up. Figured I’d share this???

  5. Looks like potato salad has an unchopped pickle

  6. On January 18th 1985 Garcia’s inventory was:

    1 brown briefcase containing misc papers
    2.1 SFPD issue property envelope containing at least next three items
    3.$990 (16x $50, 9x $20, 1x $10)
    4.3 paper bindles containing brown powder (found in rose tin)
    5.1 baggie of 6 cotton swabs
    6.1 plastic container liquid
    7.1 glass container liquid
    8.8 pieces of foil with burnt residue
    9.11 paper bindles with brown residue in a bag found in briefcase
    10.1 paper bindle of white powder found in briefcase
    11.1 Zip-Loc baggie containing 1 yellow legal paper bindle containing white powder, labeled “1/2 gram”
    12.1 paper bindle with brown rock like substance
    13.1 cooking glass with prong holders
    14.7 cigarette lighters
    15.1 razor
    16.1 4″ metal tool
    17.1 zipper brown pouch 6″ x 4″
    18.1 seven of hearts playing card
    19.1 rose metal box 4″ x 2″

  7. almost read that as 14.7 cigarette lighters, and was going to ask, how in the H.E. double-hockey-sticks, do you have 0.7 lighters?

    and why 14 lighters. But 7. 7 is perfectly okay. We got Monday, Tuesday, Thursday…

  8. Tito, get me a tissue. Germane, stop teasing…..

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