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In The Land Of The Corporate Dead, The One-Tied Man Is King


I stumbled on this the other day–someone linked to it in a comment already–and it’s a wondrous timesuck. Jerilyn Lee Brandelius has put her Grateful Dead Family Album up on the innertubes for all to enjoy. It’s out-of-print, so this might be your best chance to get a gander at some photos that are new to me. Or you can wait until I steal them. Either way.

(Like, I said: it’s out-of-print and pricey–$30 or so–but if you want one, look to your right and scroll down.)

Also: “corporate.” That’s adorable. Let me introduce you to Brett Ratner.


  1. Peace sells……..

  2. I’ve got it. Christmas gift from my first college girlfriend, Christmas ’91. Reading it now, it seems to pinpoint an oddly innocent time in Dead history, before Brent died, before Jerry was back on the persian, when it looked like everything was going to be all right. It’s a little sad to read it now, really.

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