phil mickey tuxes

Most of us are familiar with (or patrons of) Phil’s new culinary/musical venture, Terrapin Crossroads, but not many are familiar with the fine dining establishment Phil and Mickey partnered on in the ’80’s called Chez Guevara’s.

The name was the first misstep. A, it’s one of those jokes that’s cute the first time and just awful every time thereafter; B, fine dining establishments probably shouldn’t have puns in their names; and C, patrons in the San Francisco area tend to remember how much better Che was at, say, lining suspected homosexuals up against walls and shooting them than at, say, leading the people to a glorious worker’s paradise.

Also, Phil and Mickey both insisted on being Maitre d’ at the same time. “We’ve got two drummers and look how well that works all the time,” they reasoned. To their credit, they were right: it worked exactly as well. Opening night featured three fistfights about where people were going to sit, the last of which spread out to include most of the kitchen staff and spilled out to the parking lot.

Making Billy the chef was also a bad idea, as the only thing Billy knows how to do with knives is throw them at people.