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In Which A Jew Returns To Egypt

pyramids king tut

Hi, Hirokatsu Watanabe, radar specialist from Japan. Whatcha doing?

“Ah, Dead-san. Mushi-mushi. Have radar. Study pyramid. Hai!”

Can you do this without the accent?


It was straddling a line

“I see where you’re coming from. No worries.”

So, what’s going on?

Turns out King Tut’s tomb has extra rooms off it.”


“Think so. Pretty sure. Can’t just poke through the drywall, y’know?”

The radar says there’s stuff in there?

“Weird stuff. There’s one thing that looks exactly like an out-of-tune piano, but that makes no sense.”

None at all.

“Couple pieces of luggage.”


“Plus there might be a skeleton in there.”


“Oddest thing: looks like it’s wearing a denim jacket and a Greek fisherman’s hat.”

Goddammit. Billy!

billy whaaaat


Did you use the Time Sheath to brick Benjy up into the wall of  King Tut’s tomb?

“Hey! I did! Totally forgot about that.”

Well, there’s a Japanese guy giving the place an ultrasound and he might have found the evidence.

“Good with technology, the Japanese.”

Could you get one of your magical devices to retrieve the body, please?


Always great to catch up with you, Billy.

“Kiss my dick.”


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  1. he is a deddohezzu.


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