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In Which Bobby And Sir Paul Set Forth To Find Their Futures, And The Earthroamer’s Bathroom Sings Its Siren Song

lego earthroamer 2

“The Earthroamer looks different than last time, Bob.”

“Y’know, that’s the sort of detail we like to gloss over around here.”

“It’s very nice in here, actually.”

“Have you pooped yet?”

“The very second I got onboard. Couldn’t control me bowels, Bob.”

“Earthroamer does that to people. Drives Josh nuts.”


“Josh Meyers. New kid in the band. Likes to buy shit, wear clothes. We keep stealing the ‘roamer for adventures, and pooping.”

“Are there many adventures, Bob?”

“There’s sure as shit a lotta pooping!”

lego billy 77.jpg

“Hey, Billy.”

“Just left a log in there. An actual log.”

“Because we’re lego.”

“There ya go, Weir. Where we going?”

“In search of the disgraced rogue chemist Doctor Gary, so we need to find Katy Perry.”

“Ooh, nice. Gonna make a run at her.”


“Squeeze her melons like a Jewish lady in the produce section.”

“If you say so, Bill.”

“Don’t tell Cher.”

“Dammit, Kreutzmann, stop lying about that.”

“If you say so, Weir. Who’s the old lady in the wig?”

“Sir Patrick Stewart.”

“Never heard of him. Hey, how’d you steal this thing this time? Thought Josh was paying attention to it.”

jm the situation

“He’s busy with his new friends, I guess.”

“Kids these days.”

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  1. ToTD… the Cher thing is good, but I came so close to sharing Gregg Allman and Cher photos that it was scary.

    So I thought if Gregg Allman/Cher photos are disturbing.. well what could be worse?

    Well if the thunder don’t get you, the God of Thunder will.

    Cher’s pantheon is perhaps the most disturbing one could imagine, so think before you mention her again, once you open that door it may be hard to close it. I mean Meatloaf would be the least of your worries.

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