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In Which Both Sides Can Be Argued

Sorry if I haven’t been very funny the past few days.

Or ever.

Shut up, you. I go to write a little make-em-up, and then I remember: oh, right, Nazis. Gentiles do not know this, but all Jews are born with Spidey-Sense for the tenets of National Socialism. The hairs on our arms go up.

Could you call them goosestep-bumps?

You could, yes. But let’s try to focus on something entirely inconsequential and get our minds off the world. We shall now have an incredibly shallow debate: hear, hear OR here, here? (Thanks to Murray in the Comment Section for inspiring this distraction.)

On one hand, this is not even a question: the Oxford English Dictionary says that the phrase is “hear, hear” and it’s been in common usage since the 1600’s. On the other hand, the OED is an English dictionary, and I speak American.

Hear, hear is easily explainable. In agreeing with a speaker or a specific point made, one might yell “I hear that” or “I hear you” and just as “God be with you” got shortened to “goodbye” over the years, so did “hear, hear.”

But I always liked “here, here.” I always picture a coffee shop in Boston before the Revolution. Samuel Adams is giving a speech and Ethan Allen stands up and says, “This motherfucker here? This motherfucker here is my motherfucker here.” (Ethan Allen was notoriously foul-mouthed.) And then everyone poured out some hard cider for Crispus Attucks.

Are you getting to a point?

No. Not at all. Just trying to avoid thinking about Nazis.

This motherfucker here.

What I’m talking about.


  1. You know Trump rehearsed his Mussolini pose.

  2. Due to a Time Sheath, the originator of the expression was in fact a fan of the 1987 film Withnail & I and was misquoting the “Here hare here” gag.

    Goddamn that’s a horrible joke. Sorry.

  3. Or how about: hone in, or home in. “Hone in on that fucking rabbit, cause when I blast it I want to see the fur explode in slo-mo.” As opposed to, “I’d like to home in on the a priori assumptions in Descarte’s argument.”
    Since hone rhymes with bone I prefer it.

  4. Now, here, here, if you agree with something, just say “Hear, hear!”

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