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In Which Money Is Discussed, And Bob Weir Fights A Puma

billboard money

Billboard posted this breakdown of the cash-in, and my question is the same as yours: what does “$10M from Fan Demand” mean? Did the Dead–perhaps using some sort of arcane thaumaturgical incantation–transmute Deadhead’s desire into cash? Like Tinkerbell coming back to life if you clap hard enough?

Maybe Billboard is right. Let’s try it out. Bobby?

bobby smiling arm wrapped


I really would like to see whatever’s left of the Dead all together again.

“Yeah, okay. Would be nice, sure. Dunno about it.”

Check your pocket.

“Hey, twenty bucks.”


What happened to your arm?



“No big deal. I grew up in puma country.”


“Yup. Place is nothing but pumas.”

If you say so.


  1. That’s what you get for wearing a bunny outfit in big cat country.

  2. Pumas? Yeah, because Bob is clearly an ASICS guy.

  3. Merch was more

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