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In Which Pigpen Is Confused By John Mayer’s Gender

pig looking over shoulder bw

“Who’s that sexy tall thing singin’ my song!?”


“Next Time You See Me! That’s a song the Pig done penned!”

You did not write that, Pig.

“But I made it mine!”


“Now they got some sweet l’il filly warblin’ my tune!”


“Although just between you and the Pig, I dunno bout that lass! Haircut’s awful suspicious!”

Please stop being from the past.

“Like to climb that mountain.”

That’s a guy, Pig.

“Okay. Yeah. I see it now.”

His name’s John.

“Well, he should grow hisself some damn whiskers as to not confuse the public!”

I’ll tell him.

“And tell him he can keep singin’ Next Time! He didn’t fuck it up too bad, I guess.”

Wasn’t a train wreck.

“But if he gets his skinny l’il ladyfingers near Two Souls in Communion, he’s gettin’ a Pigtergeist!”

I will definitely tell him.

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