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Hey, Billy. Whatcha up to?

“Thoughts on my Ass!”

I do love that nickname. You’re back on the road, huh?

“Yeah. Summertime. Hit the road, play some shows, punch some dicks.”

Same as it ever was.

“I dunno about that. You should see the joints we’re staying at. Last night, we were at the Titz-Carlton.”


“I know what I said. Titz-Carlton: it’s like the Ritz, but with yabbos everywhere.”


“You can grab ’em!”


“Much better than the Balldorf.”

To some.

“Sure. People should be able to grab whatever the hell they want. This bathroom thing? Fuckin’ bullshit. Use whatever john you want. Hell, take a shit in the kitchen if you want.”

I do not think that’s the solution.

“Yeah, okay. Probably shouldn’t shit in the kitchen.”

No. Was there any discussion about cancelling the show?

“Sure, but if you cancel the show, then you don’t get paid.”


“And what?”

Good talk, Billy.