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If you ever wondered why people hold lawyers in contempt, just read some of the articles glorifying Scalia’s nimrod bullshit. Lawyers, like cops and doctors and every other conspiracy against the laity, circle their wagons to puff up even the worst of their own.

Antonin Scalia was a “towering mind,” not a superstitious fool fingering his rosaries while shouting “NOT FOR YOU, FAGGOTS,” in the most poly-syllabic and condescending way he could have his clerks write. Scalia was a “brilliant jurist,” and not someone who believed he could read the minds of centuries-dead slaveowners. His opinions were “Deeply thought out and argued,” not transparent efforts to maintain the powerful and piss on the common man.

I wouldn’t expect you to understand: you didn’t go to law school.

When Clarence Thomas dies, we are going to learn what a genius that man was; I guarantee it.


  1. Mild-Mannered Enthusiast

    February 20, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    Dying has been a good career move for many politicians as well as musicians.

  2. Yes. We should invite him to the ranch and poison him.
    Nobody will know.

  3. I have invented a semi-autonomous pillow drone that we can use..

    That said..

    I read that he prevented the police from infra-red imaging my house via plane. To see if I had a grow room.

    That said if they wanted to infra-red image my house for queers, he would have okayed that.


  4. So right on the one hand and so ignorant on the other all in the same post.
    I know, I know, ToTD doesn’t do research. It just reacts.

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