Thoughts On The Dead

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Insert Drummer/Brain Joke Here

mickey big brain thingOh, godammit. Did he see me? He can’t see me with that stupid–

“Thoughts on the Dead, hi! Come in and let me explain what’s going on here!”

–thing on his skull. Oh, godammit.

“I didn’t think you were going to show up.”

Is that your brain?


Shouldn’t it have a Stealie on it?

“You can’t see it from this angle: it’s on the left occipital.”

Ah. What is this about, again?

“We’re using the power of computers to map of the power of the brain through the power of drumming.”

That’s a lot of power.

“For example, when I play a simple 4/4 beat on the drum pads in front of me, my parietal lobe glows.

Huh. Yeah. It does; neat.

“Note the especially strong glow from the bottom of the lobe in the section called the Vestibular Arches.”


“Then, I switch to 3/4. Not such a big change, but you’ll notice that the risperial lobe lights up now.”


“Watch the L-shaped bump on the left: it’s called the Mountains of Brauschweiger and it’s the part of the brain responsible for understanding the scoring system of tennis.”

Please tell me the people in this auditorium didn’t pay for this weirdness.

“And under that are small nodules that scientists don’t yet understand: they’re called the Shoulder of Orion and the Tannhauser Gate.”

They are not called that.

“And here, of course, are the Pyramidal Tracts, which we played in ’78.”

Good talk, Mickey.

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  1. You could be a staff write for Game of Thrones or Elder Scrolls, coming up with those names is a gift!

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