Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Interlude: Concert Hall, Backstage

bobby beard crazy suit

“Good evening, my name is D’Brickashaw Feldman and I’ll be your orthodontist today. If you could just remove your trousers. Slower. Thaaaaat’s it. Would you like a sedative? I’m going to have one.

“You are a roly-poly one, aren’t you? You wiggle so much: it’s like looking down the highway on a hot day. Everything’s wavy. I’m going to grab at you.

“But there’s something in the other room–right in the other room–that I must attend to for, say, 45 seconds or so. Shouldn’t take long. WON’T take long, let’s be cards on the table. If you were a card on the table, you would be a queen. And we’d be two of a kind. Then I’d blackjack you, which is this thing Billy taught that’s unbelievably racist even for the 70’s, which are now.

“OKAY, just a sec…”

Bobby disappears behind the door.

The sound of nostrils being used for purposes that void the warranty can be heard.

“Hey, I’m back, what’d I miss, who are you, what did I say my name was, whose sport coat is this, did I sign anything, go Niners!”

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  1. I’ll have what Bobert is having!

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