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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To


Maybe you haven’t heard this one; give it a try. Izzy Stradlin was the secret hero of Guns ‘n Roses: he wrote a lot of the songs and looked as cool as Slash with one-tenth of the effort. Izzy just stood by the drums, listing slightly, with his big-ass Gibson hollowbody and…well, hell: let the man tell you himself.

Image result for guitar izzy
Right? And he was the rhythm guitarist. That’s why Slash and Axl had to look so ludicrous: just to compete with how good Izzy’s hair was.

He did a few solo albums before disappearing; the first one is great and this was the single. (WARNING: everyone in this video looks like a derpfuck and you should open another tab and read, say, Jesse Jarnow’s new Rolling Stone article about the 50th anniversary of the Acid Trips. Seriously: do not watch this. Listen.)

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