How’s your day going? Back hurting? Folks on the train screaming and turning into sex-pterodactyls?

We’ve all been there. make your afternoon better with this overlooked gem from the that Wall of Sound summer of ’74: 7/27 in Roanoke, VA. Easily the equal of the Dillon Stadium show featured on Dave’s Pick 4, this dank nuggety dab of doobie-love also rivals it in sheer weirdness, although in a far sneakier way: Sure, the DaP show from Yale has the do-not-listen-to-while-operating-heavy-machinery sleight of hand that is the Playing>Supplication transition, but how about a “>Promised Land”?

They NEVER went into Promised Land; the song was an opener: the only things that preceded it were propping Keith up at the piano, flushing Garcia out of his dressing room, and several nerve-induced doodies. (Followed immediately and dramatically by nearly ten minutes of smoking, tuning, and smoking again.)

Singer not the song, as always: the US Blues>Promised Land on this fucker is a Hall of Fame thirteen minutes. Also, the 25-minute Playing contains a Tiger Jam that David Gans once referred to as “a Tiger Jam.”

p.s. After the show, the Taper’s Section was never to be seen again. Carved in a VW microbus nearby were the letters “KREUTZM”.