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Is Israel Really Real?

It’s good things aren’t up to TotD.

Because Bibi’s plane would have been met on the runway by the FBI. There would be searches of both the strip and cavity variety, and then he and his piece-of-work wife would be placed back on the plane and sent back where they came from.

And the next day, much like God removing his hands from around Job, I would instruct our UN Ambassador to withdraw all protection from Israel. I would time how long it took the rest of the world to unanimously sanction the fuck out Israel, and I would laugh.

The day after that, I would forget to sign the annual $3 billion check we send them. Oops.

And then–maybe the day after that, maybe a few months from now–when someone learns the difference between “friend” and “client state,” we can talk again.

Good thing TotD’s not in charge.


  1. Well said. From a landsman.

  2. It is. It’s a very good thing. Let’s stick to the choogly-band type stuff, please?? You’re much better at it than politics.

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