Is Sean Hannity bad for America?

Yes. This has been: Is Sean Hannity–

Stop that.

What? It’s an easily-answered question.

Why is he bad for America?

Because he was bad for America when he was Father Coughlin, and he was bad for America when he was Lonesome Rhodes, and he’s bad for America now. Sean Hannity is an agent for the president pretending to be a member of the media. He’s a charismatic acting in bad faith, which is simply the worst combination.

He looks like a bowling pin about to tell a racist joke.


Still haven’t answered the question.

I have. He’s a demagogue that traffics in bullshit. He pretends to be a newsman while pushing the party agenda. He encourages conspiratorial thinking and other, less savory, beliefs. Like him or not, he’s influential and popular and does nothing but lie. How can that be good for America?

But Hillary gave all our uranium to Russia.


Sorry. Got a little too into the “defending Hannity” persona.

Do not walk that path, my son.

Ah, but Hannity is not a reporter. He’s a commentator. Fox News has always been very clear about the Chinese Wall between their journalism and opinion shows.

The Chinese Wall is between the reporters and the business side, not between reporters and “opinion,” whatever the fuck that means. Besides, columnists and op-ed writers aren’t allowed to just make shit up. And don’t even give me that nonsense: he “breaks news” all the time, and touts exclusives. No one believes Fox News’ stories.

CNN and MSNBC are exactly the same.

They are exactly not. I mean: they’re both boring pablum that are also kinda bad for America (but in entirely different ways than Fox is), and I wish someone would take Wolf Blitzer to the studio upstate where they take all the old news anchors, and I would never watch either except for during a terrorist attack, but they’re not the same as Fox.

They have a leftist bias.

The giant corporations that own them?

No, they have a globalist agenda. The reporters are leftists.

Jake Tapper’s a Commie?

Probably. He says that the president lies constantly.

The president lies constantly.

No, wait, I put the words in the wrong order. He constantly says the president lies.

No matter where you place “constantly,” the sentence is still true. We’re digressing: the problem of CNN and MSNBC is that they’re addicted to chaos and drama and obsessed with a false notion of balance. The problem of Fox is that they carry water for the Republican Party, and Hannity specifically for Trump.

I’m going to need a citation on that.

Oh, fuck off back to Reddit, Johnny Debate Club. We’re grown-ups here. Fox News is full of shit and everyone knows it. Roger Ailes is who Steve Bannon wishes he could be.

Ailes isn’t there any more.

Still his baby, though: paranoia masquerading as patriotism, with a soupçon of racism.

So, Sean Hannity is bad for America and so if Fox. I suppose you want them off the air, you Nazi Communist.

You can’t be both of those things.

You can.

Okay. Yeah, sure: I want that shit off the air.

That’s literally censorship.

It is not. I want people to stop watching it; I don’t want the government to do anything.


God help us all, it’s a free country and bullshit ain’t illegal yet.