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Is She Really Going Out With Him?

What is this?

“Taking a picture with Pahrump Labatts.”


“Pablum Labrum.”


“Padme Amidala.”

Way off.

“Forrest Whitaker?”

She looks nothing like Forrest Whitaker, Bobby.

“One specific part of her does.”

True. Her name’s Padma Lakshmi.

“Ah. Right. Oh, hey: I’m standing with her to support refugees.”

She’s a supermodel. Like, the exact opposite of a refugee.

“You will admit that she looks more like a refugee than I do.”

Give Trump another two weeks.

“True, true.”

Bobby, I know you’re a happily married man, but you totally got a shot here.

“How so?”

You know who she used to be married to, right?



You got a shot.

“I got a shot.”


  1. nice set list

  2. Luther Von Baconson

    January 31, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    hope you didn’t steal that painter’s tape Bobby

  3. His face is whiter than his hair.

  4. This oughta do it.

    Really, everything is washed out in that photo, even Padma

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