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Is That A Skirt?

bobby holy shit


Nothing about this is okay.



  1. You couldn’t be more right. I’m not sure what I’m looking at: Is that a kid playing Bobby in a cover band? Is he playing Son of a son of a Lost Sailor? Is Tampa Ray involved in this nonsense? Is that a fucking Carvin?

    • re: your cry of Carvin: The bass or Bobby’s guitar?

      And not only is Tampa Ray fully involved here, but he has Saint Pete and Keith West with him, as well.

      How many drummers are there? Nothing about this is okay.

      • Bobby’s guitar, but that white thing is suspect too.

        At first I figured Ginger Baker over there was just too awesome for one kick drum, but some of those cymbals have to be a second (or third?) kit.

        Whatever this is, I bet it sounded great in that warehouse.

        (Seriously, do you know what this is?)

        • As far as I know, Carvin didn’t do a Tele-style body so I think it’s a ‘no’ as far as mail-order shredder’s guitars go…

          I have not one shred of a clue what in sweet fuck is going on in this picture.

          I do know that none of it is okay.

  2. This is an alternate universe.

  3. It doesn’t even look like Weir. It looks like John Ritter as Weir.

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