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It Could Be Anyone Under There

pope windy


No, Your Holiness. You’re not blind.

“Whadda happened?”

Your cape flipped over your head.

“Again? Third-a time today!”

Well, a cape will do that. Maybe you could wear something else.

“Whassa matta you? No wear-a da cape? How-a da people gonna know I’m-a da Pope-a unless I wear-a da cape?”

Yeah, I guess.

“Besides: how-a many people gotta da good excuse to wear-a da cape?”

Well, there was–

“Don’t-a talk about da Star Wars. You’re a grown-a man.”

–Darth…sure, yeah.

“Pope gotta wear-a da whole costume. Can’t-a show up in-a khakis. Gotta make-a da big entrance. Give-a da Catholics a little razzle-a dazzle-a.”

That does make sense. Question.


You have free time, right? Down time? Watch the game, have a beer?

“Oh, sure. I watch-a da football.”

What do you wear then?

“I wear-a da pajama.”

They’re white, right?

“Oh, sure. Plus, they gotta da cape. I call-a them da popejamas.”

Sure. What do you sleep in?

“I sleep-a clothed inna what Jesus gave me.”


“You ask-a da question, you getta da answer.”


  1. Other cape wearers

  2. The Pope doesn’t have a thumb on his right hand either. Is he Jerry’s brother by another mother?

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